Whether it’s a few water marks on your favorite end table, sun bleaching on your grandmother’s sideboard, or a just-perfect-but-missing-one-leg dresser for your bedroom, we can help. Woods Refinishing & Restoration combines years of experience with extensive knowledge and a deep appreciation for quality, historic wood furniture to take on any project. Call today to for a free consultation 804-782-9383.


Antique Restoration

Intended to return a piece to its original appearance, may require repair and/or partial replacements. Restores the original finish to preserve the historic value.

Museum Quality Refinishing

For a piece that may have minor to moderate wear or damage, typically involves stripping, sanding, and application of new finish. Whether you’re looking to “shine up” a piece in its original shade, or match it to other pieces in your home, we will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Commercial Refinishing

We have extensive experience in the commercial environment. We specialize in the commercial refinishing of conference tables ranging in sizes from your standard tables all the way up to twenty-four foot (24′) solid top! We also have years of experience with in-house touch-ups for your commercial furniture. An example of our touch-up of interior wood work can be found at the Richmond Convention Center, in Richmond Virginia.

Handmade reproductions

From photos or actual pieces, we have the firsthand knowledge to recreate originals with an authentic finish. Only you will know how old it is.

Custom designed furniture

You may have table top that needs a new base, a corner cabinet whose doors just don’t thrill you

Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture

At Wood’s Refinishing and Restoration, Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture is our specialty. We have a great inventory that we have salvaged from barns, buildings, old furniture and other locations that we have preserved for building one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood furniture pieces. A great example of our work was featured at the Richmond Symphony Design House, 2012.


Spindles, legs, etc. Custom design and matching available.

Moving Damage, Estimates and Repair

Scratches, cracks, dents, water stains… we can fix it. Locally we are know as the Wood shop to go to when their has been damage done to your furniture. From insurance claims to personal incidents Woods Refinishing and Restoration is your number one choice for Moving Damage, Estimates and Repairs.

French Polishing

One of the highest end finishes that your furniture can receive. It’s a complicated process that requires 100% hand applied finishing from a finishing expert. Our in-house finishing expert Seth Woods is trained by world renowned Luigi Rossi of San Francisco. The final result of a French Polishing finish makes any furniture piece a work of art that you, your family or clients can enjoy for a life time.


We often find that both our residential and commercial customers will have a piece of furniture that they’ve had for generations or stumbled upon and need someone to reconstruct their furniture. At Wood’s Refinishing and Restoration we can reconstruct furniture in any condition.


At Wood’s Refinishing and Restoration sometimes the job calls for custom carving. We have in-house carvers with more than 15 years of experience in dealing with delicate and unique furniture carvings required to finish any job. There are other times, where time has done irreplaceable damage to your furniture. In these cases, the job requires a professional to custom carve the pieces that are needed to restore your furniture. Count on the experts at Wood’s Refinishing and Restoration to complete your one of kind restoration.

Caning and Upholstering

We deal with the top Caners and Upholsters in the area. Our relationships with the best local talent ensures that every job is done with the utmost quality and finish.

Pickup and Delivery

At Wood’s Refinishing and Restoration we believe completing a custom restoration or refinishing job begins with picking up your furniture and delivering it when the job is completed to your satisfaction. Please call to tell us about your restoration project 804-782-9383